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Ms Jamie Kang

Clinical Instructor

Upon completing her Form 5 education via scholarship in 2005, she took a one year break to explore various options to further in her tertiary education while working in some commercial companies. After exploring a few options in a few universities, she consulted her aunt and her cousin who were nurses, and was advised to pursue in nursing due to its bright prospect and sponsorship aid, which could have lighten the financial burden of her family who had recently suffered the loss of her father due to sudden cardiac arrest, who was the financial support to the family. With the advices given, she was determined to pursue deeper into nursing to be a critical care nurse. With the sponsorship provided, she joined Assunta College of Nursing in year 2007 in January and completed her 3 years of Diploma in Nursing.

She joined High Dependency Unit in Assunta Hospital immediately after she graduated from the Diploma in Nursing. With the 2 and a half years of experience working in critical area, she was given the opportunity to further her studies in Post Basic Intensive Care Nursing provided by the hospital in 2012, allowing her to enhance a greater perspective on the nursing care provided to the patients in bigger hospitals such as Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

In 2016, she was given the opportunity to join the management team to manage the ward as a Deputy Head of Department. After half a year of experience, in 2017, she had finally decided to pursue in the education field to educate nursing students in the clinical area with the knowledge and experience she had along the years. She became the clinical instructor of the Post Basic ICU students and the diploma students who were posted in the critical care units such as ICU, HDU, Emergency Department.

She had also completed her 3 months Short Course Clinical Teaching (SCCT) course provided by the college in 2017 to enhance her teaching skills in the clinical area.
In the same year, she had also completed her Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor course with National Heart Institution (IJN) and became an instructor for Basic Life Support for the nursing staff in Assunta hospital and the students.