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Student Affairs


Assunta Students Faculty Cooperative Association (ASFCA)

ASFCA is an association which plays an important role that concerns the welfare of students at Assunta College of Nursing. This association was established in 1964 with the aim of providing students with a healthy and fulfilling learning environment. There are 24 committee members comprising 6 core team members and representations from 9 clubs through the presidents and vice president of each club. Regular meetings are held to provide members with updates from each club. Some of the activities organised throughout the year are:

• Nurses Day Celebrations

• College Night

• Food Fun Fair / Charity Sales

• Sports Day

• Debates

• Farewell Parties

• Games and contests

• Participate in National events

• Relay of Life

• 30 hours Famine

• Organising festival celebrations CNY, Hari Raya, Mid-Autumn

Audio Visual Aids (AVA) Club

Need to do a presentation in class? Project a video? Use the microphone to make a speech? Come learn some handy skills at this club and you’ll be an expert in setting up AVA equipments in no time. This club teaches students the basics of operating and utilising audio visual equipments that are needed for daily classroom learning. Their skills may also be called for during lectures, College events and activities.

The activities  organised are:

• Movie Day

• Karaoke Day

• Karaoke Competitions

Fire Fighting Club

Safety is of utmost importance when you are in a foreign surrounding. This is a club that promotes safety by organising fire safety education for students and staff of the College. Members will learn how to operate a fire extinguisher and the necessary steps to take during an emergency.

This will include:

• Fire Drill Training

• Fire Extinguisher Training

• Organising visits to Fire Stations

Computer Club

Android? Blackberry? Apple? There are tons of software and hardware that help to make life more colourful. This club is for students who are interested in the latest information technology and are able to provide technical support for students of the College. Show your skills here if you are often intrigued with the latest gadgets. Activities include:

• Trips to PC Fairs to find latest deals and suggest relevant items for the College

• Encourage students to utilise the Resource Center and maintain the cleanliness of the room

• Organising typing competitions

• Logo and T-shirt Design Competitions

Gardening / Recyling Club

If you are concerned with the environment and want to make a collective change to the landscape and beautification around the College, come join other members who feel “one-with-nature”.  Activities include:

• Recycling projects (papers, glasses, and aluminum items)

• Sales of flowers and plants during College events

• Regular maintenance of College gardens

Joy Magazine

Members of the club are responsible for producing the annual College magazine that showcases all activities held throughout the year. This is the place to be for budding photographers and writers who are interested to highlight their work in the magazine as well. Members will collectively:

• Be the eyes and ears of all events of the College

• Report on event happenings in the College

Library Club

Love to be surrounded by books? Come join this club and learn how to organise reading materials according to the Library of Congress. Show off later to your friends and help them find books easily.

Some activities include:

• Conducting IQ and general quizzes

• Recycling of old newspapers and magazines from the Library

• Organising education trips to Dumex factory

Network 22

Can’t stand the sight of things strewn around? Come create some order and pass on the handy skills to others. Members of this club are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the learning apparatuses in the Demonstration Room, Skills Lab and Treatment Room. This club also promotes the frequent usage of the practical room to help students achieve competency in their procedure books.

Social Club

Are you the type who likes to meet people? If socialising is your forte, this is the place to be. This club promotes student interactions of all levels and provides many opportunities to connect with students through the activities held year round. Some of the activities include:

• Organising competitions during national festivities

• Valentine’s Day design card competition

• Kolam competition

• Organising trips to theme parks

• Trips to Bon Odori

• Visits to old folks homes and orphanages

Sports Club

Competition is the name of the game! Come show your skills if you are active in sports and is eager to participate in competitive sports. Release stress through exercise and other activities organised throughout the year.

They include:

• Organising the Annual Sports Day

• Sourcing for prizes for Sports Day events winners

• Conducting events held during Sports Month

• Organising bowling competitions, Skytrex Adventures