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Meet Our Students


“Being one of the oldest nursing schools in the country, Assunta College offers a well-established nursing syllabus that equips the student nurses with best practices. Assunta College also has the most dedicated and experienced Tutors to guide the students through their training years. One of the unique traditions of the College is that the Tutors take the care of their students to a higher level, making it a family-like environment at the College.”

Ms. Goh Li Yong, RN

Group 65/July 2007

“This course teaches me about nursing skills but more importantly, I learned the values I need to have in life, and the value of life. I am blessed with a job as a staff nurse upon graduation. I aspire to be involved in missios and to be an educator in the future. I believe that nursing is not confined within the walls of hospitals.”

Ms. Seow Wai Shin, RN

Group 66/January 2008

“This 3 yeara��s training would serve as a great memory for me, as I have been trained to be more independent, courageous, patient and disciplined. I am glad that I was sent there for nursing course training. Tutors are very knowledgeable with years experience in nursing field. They are helpful, patient and ever willing to teach and guide students, both in theories and practical. Their loving, caring and supportive characters give me confidence and motivate me to pursue further in my nursing career. Assunta College of Nursing has become my second home and the Tutors often play roles of second mothers, I will always be grateful for their sacrifices, simply to train us to be a Professional NURSE! Organising and participating in a variety of College activities and celebrations are the moments I enjoy the most.”

Ms. Lim Siew Loon, RN

Group 67/July 2008

a�?There are many ups and downs as a student nurse. Every experience that I encountered was a lesson to be remembered as it broadens my horizon. Tutors are our role models as each of them motivates us to carry on in our studies. Another advantage is that each student group is small hence the Tutors know each of us very well. Their patience and caring attitude towards us enables us to be strong when facing problems. Their willingness in lending ears and spending time in helping us to solve problems made us feel secure and protected, to the extent of feeling being a part of a family. I learnt to be friendly and treat everyone with fairness.

Nursing is a selfless profession and requires a great amount of patience. It is tough sometimes but I have never regretted joining nursing. It is great to help patients get well and see them return home. I am very proud to be an Assuntarian, graduating from Assunta College of Nursing. Assunta College is indeed aA�prestigious college for nursing and my 3 years at the College has been very meaningfula�?.

Ms. Lim Yee Chin, RN

Group 67/July 2008

“Being in Nursing has taught me to cope with stress, learned time management and most of all, transition into adulthood. The biggest reward as a student nurse is when patients get well and are discharged home. I also believe that a�?a good tutor produce good studentsa�?. My Tutors are never tired of answering our questions and they all teach from their hearts. They show care and worry, just like a mother would her children. Assunta College is my second home. Moments with my group members will be the sweetest memory in my mind; they are my friends, my sisters forever. Assunta College of Nursing is the best choice for a nursing career and I believe that if a person has real interest in nursing, she will definitely love Assunta College.”

Ms. Kho Siew Suang, Student Nurse

Group 68/January 2009




a�?I learn a lot as a student nurse. I learnt that it is equally important to treat patients physically and handle patients psychologically. Even though it can be tiring, I gain satisfaction when patients are discharged and leave happy. There are many experienced Tutors here and they are like second mothers to us. I have also met a lot of good friends while studying here. The College has offered a family-like environment with the presence of the caring Tutors and friends. Assunta College of Nursing is one of the best nursing colleges in Malaysia. Students can study comfortably in a friendly environment and Assunta Hospital is just next to the College for us to perform our practical learning. If anyone is interested to study Nursing, I will definitely recommend Assunta College for hera�?.

Ms. Soh Chui Ting, Student Nurse

Group 68/January 2009




“Being a student here is not easy. We must succeed in academics and co-curriculum. There are hard and stressful times but this is where learning takes place. I am so thankful to this College because it provides us facilities such as the Demo Room to practice and a hospital to apply learned procedures to real patients. Besides education, this College also teaches us to be trustworthy, honest, responsible and independent. I am very proud to be an Assunta College of Nursing student.”

Ms. Ayman Shamim Bt. Huzahim, Student Nurse

Group 69/July 2009




“Nursing is not my first choice in my career list. But my view towards nursing has changed for the better after I entered Assunta College of Nursing. Being a student is not easy, there are hard times and stressful moments but this is where learning takes place. I am very grateful that Assunta College of Nursing can provide us a hospital setting for our practical and enrich our experience. I feel happy to see patients that Ia��ve taken care of going back home with a smile. Other than knowledge, this college had taught me how to become a better person and it has also increased my self confidence. Nursing can be fun if we enjoy and do it wholeheartedly. We never know if we never try.”

Ms. Mabel Ng Ling Yen, Student Nurse

Group 69/July 2009




“Nursing was never on my list of professions in life. It has been 2 years now and I feel that it has been a life changing experience for me. I learnt a lot of things here relating to healthcare. We have hands-on practical training, good college facilities such as WiFi and library books that provide adequate information. Life here is definitely stressful but this is where learning is able to take place. Ia��ve never regretted being sponsored to study here at Assunta College of Nursing. Assunta Hospital is famous for its Nursing care and academic performance. This is the biggest advantage as we can have hands-on practical learning as compared to other colleges. Therefore, I strongly encourage for students that have interest to be enrolled into Assunta College of Nursing for a brighter future ahead!”

Ms. Melody Wong Ee Ai, Student Nurse

Group 69/July 2009




“Assunta College of Nursing is the first choice of college when I decided to join Nursing. This is a small college as compared to many others. However, I am happy that the small college is able to concentrate on the quality of the students that undergo training here. There is also Assunta Hospital for clinical posting where we put what we learn in College to practice. The life in this College is full of surprises and I enjoy every moment of it.”

Ms. Chan Li Thing, Student Nurse

Group 69/July 2009




“Nursing is what most people would think of as dirty job, easy job, etc. It is definitely not easy. Not everyone can become a Nurse. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to study at Assunta College of Nursing as we are guided by experienced Tutors and the availability of Assunta Hospital allows us to perform our practical training. There are definitely tense moments during learning but if you have passion in your heart to serve, you will become a good Nurse. A nurse trained by Assunta College is accepted all over the country as Assunta is known worldwide!”

Ms. San Jeevy a/p Paramaswaran, Student Nurse

Group 69/July 2009




“My deeds as a Nurse are my devotion to God. Serving others and their needs before mine will make a difference as every word and action can break or save a patienta��s life. A Nurse is an honest caregiver that provides their patients with the best information about an illness. I am blessed to be pursuing this education now.”

Ms. Amy Maria Granger, Student Nurse

Group 71/July 2010




“As a student nurse, I understand that every day, I will touch a life or a life will touch mine. Life is a challenge and Ia��ve learn to face it here at Assunta College of Nursing.”

Ms. Ammeline Pang Yee Mui, Student Nurse

Group 71/July 2010




“The greatness of Nursesa�� healing hands has changed my perception on nursing. Seeing a patient recover from illness has made me discover the beauty of life.”

Ms. Loh May Bo, Student Nurse

Group 71/July 2010




“Nursing is compared to art as it is abstract and unique in every way, but once its skills are mastered, it would be a lifetime to reach out to others who are in need and shower them with lots of love and care. I hope to master this a�?Art of Nursinga�� soon.”

Ms. Adrianna Lim Yee Ying, Student Nurse

Group 71/July 2010