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All students upon graduation are Alumni of Assunta College of Nursing. Assunta Graduates are well known for their exceptional caring skills and many have successfully enjoyed rewarding careers in Malaysia and all over the world. Wouldn’t you like to keep in touch with friends from your Group? Meet new friends from other Groups?

The Assunta Nurses Alumni (ANA) is the official alumni group for Assunta College graduates. It was set up with the purpose of offering support to new alumni, a place to form new friendships and also a place for graduates to network with members with similar educational background.

Share your ideas and knowledge and you just might be offered better opportunities to progress in your career. You also have many chances to relive the precious moments of student nursing days through the many social events organised. Membership to ANA is open to all graduates and application is accepted all year round.

Message from the current President of ANA;

The association was founded in 1996 and was registered in 1997 with an initial group of 72 ex-graduates, with great hope of achieving the objectives set out then.

The objectives are:

  1. A�To foster closer relationship amongst past graduates of Assunta College of Nursing.
  2. To provide psycho-social support to its members
  3. To promote and support professional development among nurses
  4. To promote research in nursing
  5. To promote community health services whenever appropriate

Our growth has been strong at times but there are times when we really need more support to ensure we continue to grow from day to day.A� The 3 monthly meetings carried out aimed to energize members and keep each other connected and spread the network far and wide.A� Like many associations, we too face challenges at times and hope more members will come forward to support our activities and bring new ideas to help the association to deliver its objectives.

We have members spanning from Group one to Group 50 across the world, regardless of which group each one belonged to, would loved to know how the college and past graduatesA� are progressing.A� The committee strives to organise activities to allow members to remain connected.A� Times have changed the way each one of us were taught at the college but our love for the college remain as it was the first day we arrived at its doorsteps.

Like our past graduates, the founders of the college, namely Sr Madonna and Sr Rosemarie Higgins are eager to receive news of the college.A� They are still thought of fondly.

The college is now 50 years in existence and we celebrate its success in producing so many successful graduates. Be part of the alumni and share the success.A� We want the legacy of the college to live on through the alumni.

Warmest Regards,

Ms. Esmee Subramaniam, PTS 1

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