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Diploma Programme
Diploma in Nursing (KR8909)

Our Diploma program is a Full Time 3-year course which consists of 6 semesters. Students will learn Nursing and Health & Behavioural Sciences which comprise of nursing knowledge and skills, human ang public relations, communications and IT, professional development and management.

Students are continuously assessed through assignments, periodic short tests, case studies, presentations and clinical assessments. Students are able to enhance their learning through clinical practice as the well established Assunta Hospital, located next to the College.

Students will be awarded a Diploma in Nursing upon completion of the course and are officially registered with the Malaysian Nursing Board as Registered Nurses (RNs). This qualification will enable Nurses to work in a variety of settings including clinical areas in hospitals, community health centers, nursing homes, industrial health clinics, insurance companies and even sales & marketing of healthcare products.

Entry Requirements

a�? Interest in Nursing
a�? SPM with credits in Mathematics, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Science and 1 other related subject.
a�? Malaysian 18 years old and above.

We also encourage STPM holders to apply for the course.


April and July

Interested applicants are required to write-in with completed application form along with your SPM/STPM results and 1 non-returnable passport-size photograph for consideration. Any other supporting documents are also encouraged.

Upon submission of the completed application form, the applicant will have to attend an interview and pass a pre-entry assessment. Subsequently, he/she will also be required to undergo a medical examination at Assunta Hospital. The cost of the medical examination is to be borne by the applicant.

Application form is available for download here


In our effort to give back to the community and assist underprivileged students, Assunta Hospital offers limited scholarship to students who are keen to pursue this challenging profession.

The scholarship includes:

a�? Full Course fees
a�? Uniform and shoes
a�? Hostel accommodation at the College premise with 24-hour security
a�? Medical Coverage and Insurance
a�? Monthly allowance up to RM550

Got questions?

Get your answers from ourA�FAQA�page.

Professional Certificate
Post Basic in Intensive Care Nursing (KA10489)

This is a Full Time 6-months course designed to provide continuing education and professional development for Registered Nurses working in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). It consists of 2 semesters for the duration of 26 weeks. This course will provide Registered Nurses with the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude that are necessary for effective and efficient provision of care for critically ill patients and their families.

Objective & Outcome

At the end of the 6-months course, the student should be able to:

a�? Recognise that the patient, who is critically ill, is an individual with special needs.
a�? Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge to deal with critically ill patients.
a�? Provide appropriate nursing care for the critically ill patient in the Intensive Care Unit through proper assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.
a�? Demonstrate competence in nursing skills when managing the critically ill patient.
a�? Detect and respond to life-threatening situations in an effective, ethical and humane manner and taking decisive patient focused action.
a�? Carry out therapeutic communication with patients and their family members and effectively communicate with other health team members.
a�? Recognise the importance of continuing education and professional development.

Course Outline

This course comprises 6 modules, equivalent to 22 credit hours. It covers:

a�? Principles & Practice of ICU
a�? Respiratory System
a�? Metabolic / Renal Disorders
a�? Neuro Muscular System
a�? Cardiovascular Disorders
a�? ACLS / Emergency Nursing

Medium of Instruction


Modes of Delivery

a�? Lecture – Demo
a�? Practical
a�? Discussion

Entry Requirements

a�? Possess current APC
a�? Minimum 1 year working experience as a Registered Nurse


a�? February

Course Fees

a�?A�RM7,500* (HRDF claimable)

Application form is available for download here.

* Assunta Hospital reserves the right to change the training fees as and when necessary.

Short Course
Short Course in Clinical Teaching

This course is developed to meet the needs of supervisors in a clinical setting. The course is designed to train and equip supervisors to a higher level of understanding of students’ learning needs in the clinical setting.


This course aims to:

a�? Equip qualified nurses to be Supervisors.
a�? Ensure clinical teachings are more structured.
a�? Equip supervisors with knowledge of factors affecting students learning.
a�? Provide supervisors with various teaching strategies for effective supervision.
a�? Provide knowledge of effective evaluation tools.
a�? Maintain correct documentation of supervision.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the participants should be able to:

a�? Know what clinical teaching is.
a�? Understand the role and functions of a supervisor.
a�? Identify learning needs in a clinical setting.
a�? Conduct clinical teachings.
a�? Apply various clinical teaching methods in supervision effectively.
a�? Construct clinical objectives.
a�? Develop a clinical teaching plan.
a�? Evaluate effectiveness in clinical teaching.
a�? Assist students in integration of theory into practice.

Who Should Attend

a�? Staff Nurses
a�? Clinical Instructors
a�? Charge Nurses
a�? Clinical Educators
a�? Ward Managers / Sisters
a�? Any other Healthcare Personnel

Program Structure

The course is conducted over 8 weeks of 30 theory hours (2 credits) and 1 credit for practicum as follows:

a�? 2 study days (Monday & Tuesday) for the first 3 weeks
a�? 4 weeks of Practicum
a�? Final week of Assessment

Medium of Instruction


Modes of Delivery

a�? Lecture
a�? Lecture – Demo
a�? Practical
a�? Discussion


a�? April

Course Fees

a�? RM850* inclusive of course materials

* Assunta Hospital reserves the right to change the training fees as and when necessary.

Application form is available for downloadA�here