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Becoming A Nurse

Few professions can offer the diversity and excitement of nursing, and allow you to match your career with your personality.

A nurse is a healthcare professional, educated to provide holistic nursing care to a variety of patients in a diverse range of healthcare settings, and often under challenging circumstances. Nurses develop therapeutic relationships with patients and their families through open and honest communication and application of counseling skills. Nurses assess patient’s needs, develop effective interventions and implement planned nursing care that meets both physiological and psychological needs of the patients. Nurses are part of a multi-disciplinary team, hold individual accountability and responsibility for the care they deliver.

Choosing a career path is an important step in life. You conduct research and seek opinions from professionals in the respective fields to find the right fit to your interest, personality and long term goals. How then do you determine what is right for you? We recommend you take some time to go through our quiz to find out whether the Nursing profession is suitable for you. At the same time, you might be surprised to learn more about yourself and decide on the career path that suits your personality.