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Meet The Faculty

Assunta College of Nursing takes pride in its faculty with
nursing and teaching experiences ranging from 10-30 years.
Students are guided with care and love while pursuing their education here.







Ms. Theresa Arul, Principal

Email: theresa@assunta.com.my

Her Story

Ms. Theresa has been serving her alma mater since graduating with a Diploma in Nursing in 1997. She progressed further by obtaining her Advanced Diploma in Critical Care Nursing from University of Malaya in 1999. She then graduated with the Bachelor of Nursing Science, majoring in Teaching in 2003 from the same university.

She has vast nursing experience that spans 14 years covering areas in Medical – Surgical wards, High-Dependency Units and Accident & Emergency Department. Currently and for the past 7 years, Ms. Theresa has been teaching Health System Research, Basic Medical Sciences, Care of Clients with Haemopoitic Disorders and Burns Nursing. She is also the Coordinator for the Post Basic in Intensive Care Nursing course.

Seeing that she could contribute further in the Nursing field and her career, she took the challenge of pursuing the Masters certification and successfully obtained her Masters in Nursing (Education) from the prestigious Monash University, Australia in 2011.

She is passionate about her work and further contributes to the holistic development of student nurses and registered nurses in her area of practice.

Ms. Ngu Keh Pooi, Nurse Tutor

Email: kpngu@assunta.com.my

Her Story

Her interest in nursing began when she was a school prefect where she had to attend to students who fainted during school assemblies and students who sustained minor injuries during physical education. This motivated her to join nursing education in Ministry of Health Malaysia. From there, she earned her certifications in Basic Nursing, Midwifery and Post Basic in Orthopedic Nursing.

Over the years, she developed an interest in teaching and it led her to undergo the Advanced Nursing Education Program from the University of Malaya. Her long service in the General Hospital Kuala Lumpur has enriched her clinical experience tremendously and this proofed valuable when she decided to join Assunta College of Nursing in 1984.

She completed a Stoma Care / Wound Care by Stoma Care Malaysia in 1990. With this knowledge, she continues to involve herself in stoma and wound care for patients in the hospital. Her knowledge was further enhanced when she graduated with the Bachelor of Health Science from Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia in 1996.

After many years in nursing, she feels that nursing is still a meaningful and noble profession where one not only learnt how to take care of oneself but is able to alleviate the pain and sufferings of others too. She continues to love what she is doing and hopes that all young nurses can be nurtured to become competent nurses with caring hearts.

Ms. Goh Siew Kee, Nurse Tutor

Email: skgoh@assunta.com.my

Her Story

Ms Goh Siew Kee is a graduate nurse of Assunta College of Nursing. She has served Assunta Hospital since 1983 in various disciplines such as General Surgical Ward, Accident & Emergency Department as well as Operating Theatre.

She then pursued post basic studies in Midwifery and practiced her passion in Delivery Suite and Maternity Ward for 5 years. She obtained a Teaching Diploma in Advanced Nursing in 1994. Since then, she has been teaching at the College of nursing. Her quest for knowledge and experience has also led her to gain experience in Ophthalmic nursing and also a Bachelor Degree in Health Science with Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia in year 2000.

Additionally she also conducts the Clinical Teaching course for graduate nurses and facilitates community based projects in Gerontology and Community Nursing.

Her vast experience not only enrich the students learning in the various subjects she teaches but also her personal interest to motivate and develop young individuals in pursuit of their ambition and career.

“Having started off at Assunta, I have had no regrets. Not only do I gain much experience and knowledge, I am thankful for Assunta Hospital for sponsoring all my nursing education. In return I am able to give my best dedication in nursing education to nurture young interested individuals, to motivate and guide them to excel in their nursing career”.

My Director of Nursing once asked me, “Goh, what do you want to contribute in Assunta?” and I said  simply, “ to see the standard of nursing maintained”.

Ms. Liew Sook Ching, Nurse Tutor

Email: scliew@assunta.com.my

Her Story

She is a graduate of Assunta College of Nursing. Having obtained 4 years of nursing and clinical experience, she developed an interest in teaching and successfully obtained the Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Teaching) from University of Malaya in 1995. She progressed further in her career by graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing) from Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia in 1997.

She has 15 years of teaching experience and acquired vast experience throughout the years from teaching multiple subjects in the College. Her specialty is in Wound Care and Eye Nursing. Her experiences as a Clinical Instructor in the Medical-Surgical Ward and a Staff Nurse in the Emergency Department and Recovery Room added value in her clinical supervision and teaching of students nurses in the wards and at the college. She has undergone specialized training in Clinical Teaching and has successfully conducted the Short Course in Clinical Teaching for Nursing staff of Assunta Hospital and other private hospitals since 2009.

She also participates in the hospital’s on-going programs such as Auditing for SIRIM & MSQH, Hospital Infection Control, Nurses’ Day Celebrations and Hospital Annual Dinner Committees.

Her frequent attendance of nursing seminar and workshops has further elevated her management and evaluation skills. She has been selected by the Malaysia Nursing Board as Chief and Assistant Examiner for Nurses Registration Examinations in the past. She also actively participates as a Moderator for college examinations and curriculum development.

She enjoys spending time with her children during her free time.

Ms. Teoh Cui Fang, Nurse Tutor

Email: cfteoh@assunta.com.my

Her Story

She started out working as an Accounts Clerk in her hometown. Family influence played a big part in her decision to join Nursing after she witnessed the good nursing care given to her family member. She was further motivated to learn the skills of caring for the sick and eventually applied for training in Nursing after much peer influence.

She graduated from University of Malaya in 1989 with a Certificate in Basic Nursing. She then worked in the East Coast of Malaysia, Hospital USM, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. She worked in the Medical ward for 3 years and later in the Operation Theatre for 2 years. During those years, she also pursued the Critical Care Nursing course from University of Science Malaysia.

Having acquired her education and working experience all over the Peninsula Malaysia, she developed an interest in teaching. She decided to pursue a degree certification and graduated with the Bachelor of Nursing Science (Hons) in Education from University of Malaya in 1997.

Throughout her professional career, she also developed interests in assisting and enhancing students’ learning and decided to update her knowledge through the pursuance of long distance learning with Monash University, Australia. She completed her Masters in Nursing in 2008.

She enjoys reading and traveling when time permits.

Ms. Katherine Tan Siew Hoon, Nurse Tutor

Email: katherine@assunta.com.my

Her Story

Ms. Katherine is a graduate of Assunta College of Nursing. She started off her nursing career working as an Emergency Room (ER) nurse. During the 4 years she was there, she also pursued the Advanced Diploma in Critical Care Nursing with University of Malaya Medical Centre. After obtaining her Advanced Diploma, she worked in ICU/CCU and was later promoted as a Clinical Instructor. She also has gained much experience while working in the Surgical Ward.

After 7 years of nursing experience, she decided to broaden her knowledge in other areas of healthcare and took up the challenge of Assistant Manager of Outpatient Services, a job that includes handling admissions and Medical Insurance for Assunta Hospital. After a year in that position and having accumulated a good range of experiences in the clinical practice, she decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a Nurse Tutor. Through hard work and determination, she graduated with 1st class honours in Bachelor in Nursing Sciences (Education) from University of Malaya in 2006.

She is happy and proud to serve back her alma mater as a Nurse Tutor and will continue to contribute to nursing education as she deems it as much rewarding and fulfilling.

Ms. Shashethevi a/p Rajah, Nurse Tutor

Email: shashethevi@assunta.com.my

Her Story

She graduated with a Diploma in Nursing from the Klang Nursing College and started her career in the Medical Cardiac Ward with the National Heart Institute (IJN). Apart from the experienced gained from the ward, she also developed a passion for cardiac care which led her to pursue the specialization in Coronary Care Nursing.

After spending several years there, she decided to explore new horizons and obtained a job in Saudi Arabia. She worked in King Abdul Aziz Medical City in the Medical Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. From the experience gained in the new city, she felt that she could contribute more to her country and thus decided to return to Malaysia 2 years later. Upon returning from Saudi Arabia, she progressed further by obtaining a Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) from Greenwich University, UK, a distance learning program with a private higher education institution in the country.

She enjoys listening to music during her free time.

Ms. Yeo Lee Yin, Nurse Tutor

Email: ylyeo@assunta.com.my

Her Story

She completed her Diploma in Nursing from Assunta College of Nursing, Assunta Hospital in 2006. She is the proud winner of Keng Ang Academic Award which focuses on outstanding academic achievements throughout her diploma training.

Upon graduation, she was assigned to the Operating Theatre in Assunta Hospital. She decided to upgrade her knowledge and pursued the Degree in Nursing, a distance learning program with University of Sydney, Australia. She successfully graduated in 2009 and was later promoted as a Senior Staff Nurse in the Operating Theatre.

Over a short period, Ms. Yeo has developed an interest in teaching and education. She feels grateful for the opportunity given to be a Clinical Instructor in a Surgical Ward in 2010. She then enrolled in a Teaching Methodology course from International Medical University and was awarded the Certificate in Teaching in 2011. Equipped with the Certificate in Teaching in hand, she decided to realize her dreams and has been teaching at the College since then.

She feels that her pursuance of education will continue to grow as she strives to provide the best level of knowledge to the student nurses. She hopes to share her passion in Education and Nursing as well with her fellow students.

Ms. Amy Chua Chia Nee, Nurse Tutor

Email: amy.chua@assunta.com.my

Her Story

The thought of helping people was what interested her to join Nursing. She joined Assunta College of Nursing after her SPM and graduated in 2004. She worked in the Clinical areas at Assunta Hospital and during her time there, she also obtained a Bachelor of Science (Nursing Practice Development) in 2008. In view of her dedication and work, she was promoted to Charge Nurse in the same year.

As Assunta Hospital is a training ground for student nurses, she gradually developed her interest in teaching and sharing her knowledge with the students. This prompted her to join the College in 2011 to contribute to Nursing Education.

For her, nursing is a learning process along the way.

Ms. Lee Hong @ Les Hiong, Clinical Instructor & Public Health Officer

Email: leehong@assunta.com.my

Her Story

It was always her ambition to pursue Nursing. However, her late-father did not think that it was appropriate for her. But after much determination, he finally relented and gave her blessings to pursue her dream.  She was ecstatic to be selected for the Basic Nursing training in Hospital Kuala Lumpur in the late 1960s and completed the training in 1971.

She then delved further into other branches and completed her Midwifery training in 1973 and Public Health certification in 1976. Since then, she has served in various health centers in Ulu Selangor, Kuala Selangor, Kajang, Ampang and Puchong.

After many years of experience, she was promoted to Public Health Sister in 1986. It was also then that she was assigned to be a Clinical Instructor in the Domiciliary Midwifery Training Centre (DMTC) in Johor Bahru. This job entailed overseeing staff nurses undergoing Midwifery course at the center. After a brief stint in JB, her expertise was called for in DMTC, Jinjang Utara Branch in KL. She continued to serve there for 16 years.

After gaining much experience in the public sector, she decided to join Assunta College of Nursing in 2004 as a Clinical Instructor in Public Health. Her initial apprehension to join a private sector was diminished after gaining much friendly support from the College past and present faculty.

Her plans of staying for 3 years have led to her 7th this year. She is proud to be able to serve the needs of the student nurses at this College.

Ms. Yap Yan Kee, Clinical Instructor

Email: -

Academic Qualifications

Diploma in Nursing, United Kingdom

General Health Institute, Malaysia

Community Mental Health Nursing, Hospital Bahagia, Malaysia

Community Service, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Certificate in Clinic Teaching, International College of Health Science, Malaysia

Certificate in Short Course Clinical Teaching, 2009, Assunta Hospital, Malaysia

Work Experience

Staff Nurse, Hospital Langkawi Kedah, 1977 until 1979

Staff Nurse, Hospital Alor Setar Kedah, 1979 until 1981

Staff Nurse, Hospital Pulau Pinang, 1981 until 1984

Staff Nurse, School of Nursing, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, 1984 until 1994

Staff Nurse, Community Mental Health Nursing & Community Services, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, 1996 until 2005

Staff Nurse, International College of Health Science, 2005 until 2007

Clinical Instructor, Assunta College of Nursing, Assunta Hospital, 2007 until present.


Jogging, Singing, Fellowship

Ms. Lee Wei Sim, Clinical Instructor

Email: 80weisim@gmail.com

Her Story

She has never thought of being a Nurse but her curiosity in Science led her to take up the nursing career as it involves helping people and as part of continuing into higher education while reducing her parents’ financial burden at the same time.

She graduated with a Diploma in Nursing in 2004 from Assunta College of Nursing. She began her career at a multi-disciplinary ward at Assunta Hospital and was promoted to Senior Staff Nurse after 3 years of working experience. Assunta Hospital provided the opportunity to advance her knowledge and sent her for Wound and Foot Care Management Course at University Malaya Medical Centre.

In 2007, she was assigned to oversee the Wound and Foot Care Clinic at the same Hospital and was later promoted to Charge Nurse in 2009 in Specialist Department.

Her interest towards Nursing has never ceased since she began her nursing career. She returned to Assunta College of Nursing as a Clinical Instructor in 2009 to contribute further in student nurses’ learning.

Ms. Nageswari Vallaitham, Clinical Instructor

Email: naginmaddy@yahoo.com

Her Story

Nursing was not her first choice of study after Form 5. However, she foresaw that the career holds a promising future and hence, decided to undergo training at Assunta College of Nursing in 2002. She graduated with a Diploma in Nursing three years later and started her career in a medical and surgical ward in Assunta Hospital.

She slowly developed her skills in the ward and was promoted to Senior Staff Nurse. Through her hard work and determination, she was promoted again to Charge Nurse in 2010.

Apart from her responsibilities in caring for patients, she also found joy in teaching and guiding junior nurses. As a result, she underwent a short course in Clinical Teaching and joined her former College as a Clinical Instructor. She is glad to be enjoying her career and feels that the Nursing profession is the best career for her.

Ms Thilagawathy A/P Balasubramaniam- Tutor

Her Story

Thilagawathy, a proud Assunta baby, had always wants to be a nurse. As a child, she listened in awe as her grandmother related tales of nurses and midwives sacrificing themselves to care for patients during World War Two. Without thinking twice, she had applied to do a diploma in nursing at the Tun Tan Cheng Lock College of Nursing.

Upon graduation in 1998, she served Assunta Hospital in various disciplines such as General Surgical ward and Maternity ward. She then pursued post-basic studies in Midwifery and practiced her passion in the Delivery Suite and was later promoted as a Charge Nurse. She has vast experience in rural health care as a Domiciliary Midwife Nursing, as her training is focused on community service such as home delivery in rural areas such as Pulau Ketam, Ijok and Sungai Besar.

Thilagawathy then joined a fertility centre as nurse manager before leaving to pursue a Diploma in Teaching. Upon graduation in 2011, she joined a private higher educational institution as a lecturer in 2011. She joined the Tun Tan Cheng Lock College of Nursing as a tutor in 2014 and is currently furthering her studies.